Landscapes by Women


LANDSCAPES BY WOMEN is a website dedicated to the art of outdoor photography created by women. Its main goal is to help women build stronger presence in the photography industry. It provides links to te websites of women artists with a serious approach to photography; women artists with talent, passion, dedication, creativity and imagination. The portal’s aim is not only to  give more visibility to women photographers, but also to serve as a source of information about photographic workshops led by women. It also provides links to the leading photographic competitions and galleries for hire. Most importantly, it encourages female landscape photographers to build stronger presence in the landscape photography industry.

Please submit your photographs to our FB and Flickr pages, but please read our submission guidelines below, as the quality of the photographs is a paramount. Also, please write on our FB timeline, if you have any achievements, exhibitions, books, interviews or other information that you want to share with the world.



Editor: Beata Moore 

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Cheryl Hamer, Astrid McGechan, Beata Moore, Susan Rowe



Quality – Creativity – Individuality

In the modern age of digital cameras it is much easier to take photographs of beautiful scenery that surrounds us. However the technical ability to capture obvious beauty is not the only aspect that this portal is aiming for.

To make it clear what is required, here are the submission guidelines for technical and artistic quality of work to be accepted.

  1. Technical Ability

Images must show that the photographer has an in-depth knowledge of the use of the camera and its functionality.

  1. Post-processing

Post-processing techniques must show that the photographer has full understanding of the software they use, and they are in control of light and conditions.

  1. Visual Awareness and Creative Eye

With modern digital cameras allowing anybody to take well exposed and sharp photographs; for this portal, the images must demonstrate photographer’s personal input. It is extremely important to show an individual point of view and style, especially when capturing well-known locations.